Image by Caroline Hernandez

What is IBCC? ImmUNITY Boost Cycling Club

  • Do you remember how good you felt?

  • Can you take yourself back to a time when you were a kid on your bike?

  • How did you feel?  You were happy with friends riding your bike feeling vibrant and alive!!!


Did you know that cycling causes significant positive changes in your natural antibodies and white blood cells? Your white blood cells are a large part of our antibodies and your immune system. They are powerful cells that fight disease. 

We use the UNITY in Imm-UNITY

to bring light to the fact that:

Mountain Biking

Cycling with friends and family is associated with a stronger immune system.  This means you are able to fight off viral conditions such as colds, the flu, and even the more recent corona virus.

Bike Trip

Being together with friends and family while cycling can facilitate increases in feelings of well being while simultaneously reducing feelings of depression.    Happiness tremendously increases antibodies, T-cells, also known as the immune systems killer cells, thrive in a happy body!

Family Bike Trip

When we are exercising on our bicycles while happy, with our friends and families, our antibodies (which are like super soldiers who fight viral invasions) increase their presence in our bodies by as much as 350 percent!!!  


The Main Takeaway

Lifting a Bike

It is time to take an active interest in healthy eating and exercise.  And like any parasite which needs a host for its survival, the corona virus cannot survive without a hospitable host.

Solution: If we remove the host from the virus, it has no way to reproduce itself.  Think of it like this. Roaches will always exist.  They are resilient and can survive in just about anywhere once they find an environment that can sustain them.  They multiply…well like roaches.  How do you get rid of roaches?  Maintain an extremely clean environment and voila…they leave.  

Fact: Viruses can be deadly.  All viruses known to humans are 100% dependent on a living host with a compromised immune system for survival and multiplication.



Smile and laugh with your friends in nature while doing it! Live your life! Your body is your most valuable asset that you have!  Take care of It!


Let’s ride!